One Year Later...
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Season 1
Chapter 1
Korean Title 1년 후...
English Title A Year Later
Korean Release 8th September, 2015
English Release 15th July, 2017
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One Year Later...: Having been released from prison after a year, an unknown martial artist vows never to fight again before being interested in eating after seeing the delivery of dumplings to the guards that had watched over him.

While eating his dumplings in the tavern-at-the-fork, a guy from a gang knocks one of his dumplings on to the floor. Calling him out on it, the group gets rowdy but their leader diffuses the situation by giving him coins to pay for it. Just then Chohyang tells their delivery boy, Chief Gang to go deliver the dumplings to a group that had already left.

Gang arrives in the middle of his customers getting assaulted, completely ignoring the situation. The assailants try to intimidate Gang, when he is suddenly struck in the face by a coin thrown by the unknown martial artist from earlier. Saying he would fight once more, he attacks until the assailants' leader, Dang Gwe says he'll deal with the martial artist. The martial artist confidently attacks with a nice combo, assured of his own victory, until Dang Gwe gets up, boasting of his "Diamond Body", and then crumples the martial artist without mercy. Just then, Gang scolds him for taking it so far and gets attacked by the assailants but nonchalantly subdues them without a second thought. Attacked from behind by an enraged Dang Gwe, Gang quickly sends him reeling with an elbow to the chest, before completely finishing him off with a Heavenly Destruction technique, shocking the customers. As Gang alleviates the downed martial artist's injuries and then asks the customers not to reveal what he had done, the lady, shocked by his use of a Heavenly Destruction technique, asks for his name to which Gang replies, "It is bothersome" before dashing off. Seemingly infatuated, the lady mistakes his words, calling Gang "Sir Bothersome".

Gang arrives back at the tavern and is immediately called out for fighting by Chohyang after she sees his bloody nose, but Gang fruitlessly tries to deny it. Yerin then comments that he should at least win if he was going to fight, but Gang continues to deny everything.

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