Soh Jinhong, The Rosy-Cheeked Sword Fiend (End)
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Season 1
Chapter 19
Korean Title 홍안의 검귀 소 진홍(마지막회)
English Title The Rosy-Cheeked Sword Devil, So Hong (Last Episode)
Korean Release 12th January, 2016
English Release 3rd September, 2017
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Soh Jinhong, The Rosy-Cheeked Sword Fiend (End): Ryong concludes his fight with Soh Jinhong, reminiscing on his training with his master and wondering how many more gosu were out there. From above, Hwang Gyu asks if they were just going to leave Jinhong there but Yang Jeonghak notes that if Jinhong got caught or arrested, it was his own fault. Hwang Gyu then asks why Jeonghak even bothered to provoke Jinhong into fighting Ryong and he irritatedly replies that it was because Jinhong pissed him off.

A little later, the Elder finishes treating Jinhong for severe exhaustion and notes that Jinhong shouldn't have even been able to lift chopsticks let alone swing a sword, humorously surprising Gang Ryong. Getting back to the tavern after hiding any evidence of a scuffle, Ryong went back to delivery duty.

Elsewhere, in the Baekma Valley, Jin Garyeong and Yang Jeonghak discuss matters at hand. She then asks if Gang Ryong was a worthy successor to the Supreme Overlord and he replies he was a disappointment. Saying it was a shame, Garyeong mentions that Ryong would be put in a situation that would show his true colours soon.

Back in the monastery, the Elder comes back with some food but Soh Jinhong had already left.

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