The Baekma Valley (3)
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Season 1
Chapter 22
Korean Title 백마곡(3)
English Title White Horse Squad (3)
Korean Release 2nd February, 2016
English Release 16th September, 2017
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The Baekma Valley (3): Woobok is startled by Gang as the latter is on his way home, and the two have a brief conversation with Woobok thanking Gang for everything he had done.

The next day, Woobok notices his merchant-sunbae was not at work and goes to find him. Seeing his sunbae being pressured by thugs, Woobok sorts them out, meeting an old Baekma Valley acquaintance in the process before leaving after his sunbae's family look at him with fear on their faces. Meanwhile, Gang discovers Woobok's work history much to his surprise. Elsewhere, Woobok returns home to find Yang Jeonghak telling him that the Lady of the Valley wanted his head.

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