The Baekma Valley (7)
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Season 1
Chapter 26
Korean Title 백마곡(7)
English Title White Horse Squad (7)
Korean Release 1st March, 2016
English Release 30th September, 2017
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The Baekma Valley (7): With the masses of enemies swarming at him, Gang unleashes "Heavenly Destruction, Thunder Hawk Strike", annihilating his immediate environment and the mighty shockwaves from the technique being felt a great distance away.

Elsewhere, Woobok regains consciousness and mocks Zhao Chung, the man who was currently his jailer. In fear, Zhao stabs Woobok multiple times before standing, only to fall over in a severely drained, dehydrated and decayed state. Woobok stands up and taunts the other two men before attacking them.

Looking at the incredible destruction down below, a visibly unnerved Hwang Gyu wonders why Gang was using such excessive force. Meanwhile, Gang comes to the conclusion that he would have to lay waste to the place if he wanted his wishes to come to fruition. Soh Jinhong walks towards the commotion and observes as some of the Baekma Valley's men get wrecked. Just then Gang appears from the smoke and rubble and questioningly acknowledges Jinhong.

At Jin Garyeong's quarters, Woobok arrived and greeted her, visibly shocking her and Yang Jeonghak.

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