Doh Gyeom, the Iron Lion (12)
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Season 1
Chapter 47
Korean Title 철사자 도겸(12)
English Title Steel lion Do Gim (12)
Korean Release 26th July, 2016
English Release 10th December, 2017
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Doh Gyeom, the Iron Lion (12): As "Gyeom" prepares to decapitate Yerin, she calls him a pathetic man before being beheaded. However, to "Gyeom's" shock, masses of blood-like liquid gushes from her severed neck and swamps over him, drowning him in its depths. Disorientated by what was going on, "Gyeom" then sees an unharmed Yerin glaring at him. Yerin, confused by the oddity that was the man before her, notes that while he appeared to be the man she met earlier, inside he was a complete stranger. Her illusion then breaks when she hears Ryong calling out to her. Realising he had been put under an illusion, an angered "Gyeom" lunges forward in an attempt to decapitate Yerin once more. However, just before the slash hits its target, Gang intercepts it and deflects the naginata's trajectory causing "Gyeom's" attack to miss. Shocked by the sudden development, "Gyeom" finds himself powerfully struck back by a palm strike from Ryong who tells him today was his lucky day.

Yerin then asks if he was dead but Ryong assures her a martial artist wouldn't die from that. Yerin finds it strange and says she'll check on him herself until she notices that Ryong was right. Alarmed at her reply, Ryong turns around to see "Gyeom" coming at him from above poised to strike. "Gyeom" attacks but Ryong picks up Yerin and evades his slashes. Ryong lands lightly but inadvertently causes the ground and adjacent rock face to topple down on him and Yerin whilst "Gyeom" looked on from above.

"Gyeom" notes the technique he had just used and wonders how he had to use it against a mere two people. Looking around the compound, he finally sets his sights on his uncle and gets ready to chase him until he suddenly hears a noise behind him. Turning around, "Gyeom" looks back incredulously to see Ryong surface from the rubble having barely been affected by the attack. Yerin tells Ryong not to kill him and, as Ryong goes to face "Gyeom", he replies that it would be fine as long as he didn't "kill" him.

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