Rock-Paper-Scissors (2)
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Season 1
Chapter 5
Korean Title 가위 바위 보(2)
English Title Rock-Paper-Scissors (2)
Korean Release 6th October, 2015
English Release 16th July, 2017
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Rock-Paper-Scissors (2): Wang is infuriated that his men could not find Gang and as punishment, challenges them to a game of rock-paper-scissors. Elsewhere, Gang delivers the dumplings to Lord Nam who gratefully over-pays him, telling him it was a small donation for the poor. Gang then gives Lord Nam some ginseng from the local ginseng digger and then tells him that the villagers always ask how he was doing even though they owe him nothing, something which resonates with Lord Nam. At that, Gang heads off and Lord Nam eats some of the ginseng before badmouthing the villagers and musing about how he could take advantage of their kindness, before dropping the ginseng and looking sullenly at the ground. Meanwhile, Gang gets back to the tavern and heads off on more deliveries.

As his band ravages Lord Nam's residence and kills his guards, Wang goes over how he managed to lose to a fatty, briefly wondering if Gang could be a gosu. Alerted that they had finished, Wang draws close to the beaten Lord Nam, who was actually "Hyeol Pyo" a former member of the White Skulls. Wang challenges him to a consolation game of rock-paper-scissors, but Hyeol Pyo declines before reminiscing about the villagers and musing aloud that this was the perfect way for him to die. Wang belittles him and tells him to play but Hyeol Pyo refuses to play Wang's childish games, greatly infuriating the latter who attacks him in ire...

Meanwhile, Gang humorously cracks open walnuts for some kids he was acquainted with before leaving after their mother brought the leftover dumplings that Gang always brought them. Leaving and returning to the tavern, Gang finds out that Lord Nam had been killed by the White Skulls bandits...

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