Stirring (3)
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Season 1
Chapter 57
Korean Title 파문 (波紋) 3화
English Title Ripple Effect (3)
Korean Release 11th October, 2016
English Release 14th January, 2018
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Stirring (3): Asking if a travel pass and a map was all he needed, Garyeong says the extra fee was higher than anticipated but she would put it on his tab. Ryong then asks if the debt could be annulled if he didn't make it back, but Garyeong emphatically refuses. On his way out of the Valley, Ryong and Soh Jinhong banter with each other.

On his way back to the tavern, Ryong approaches a rock and, sensing something dangerous, immediately leaps well over it while always keeping his eye on it. Noticing that nothing was coming for him, he continued onwards. Peeking from inside the rock, Goo Hwi enquires if Ryong was the kid and Dang Gan confirms. Praising Ryong's level of strength despite his young age, he notes he now better understood why they were beaten and his curiosity about the Heavenly Destroyer. Casually reprimanding Dang Gan, Goo Hwi says for them to head back.

Garyeong rushes in to ask if Goo Hwi was leaving already and he confirms that he was as he only journeyed to find some rare medicinal herbs for an old friend who was ill. Noting he should have been back already but stopped to visit Garyeong and her mother, he finishes saying that he received recent word that his friend's condition had worsened. A tearful Garyeong says she couldn't be pigheaded about it then and the two share a hug, with Goo Hwi thanking her for growing up into a lovely person.

Seeing him off, Garyeong shouts out to Goo Hwi that he'd come back and the old-timer raises his hand in goodbye as the rest of them silently watch him leave. Elsewhere, in his room in the tavern, Gang Ryong hears his late master's voice asking why he was hesitating now, whether he wasn't sure he could win or whether it was because of a promise he made with a girl. Replying of course not and saying not to worry, Ryong pulls out a chest from underneath his bed and opens it up. Seeing only the clothes he had when he initially left in search of the Four Heavenly Kings, Ryong remembers that he had sold all his weapons to pay of the Baekma Valley.

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