Rock-Paper-Scissors (3)
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Season 1
Chapter 6
Korean Title 가위 바위 보(3)
English Title Rock-Paper-Scissors (3)
Korean Release 13th October, 2015
English Release 22nd July, 2017
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Rock-Paper-Scissors (3): Seeing the aftermath of Lord Nam's death, Gang heads off in pursuit of the White Skulls. Finding their hideout, he asks their guards if their boss was inside. Wang notices something was afoot until he sees Gang enter. With the bandits getting flustered, Wang calms them down and tells them to fall back. Jovially greeting Gang, the latter cuts to the chase and challenges Wang to a game of rock-paper-scissors. Mentioning that he had never lost to anyone, Wang realises his loss wasn't a coincidence. Wang says that they would continue from where they left off earlier, best 2 of 3 and Gang agrees, adding that if he won they would have to turn themselves in to the magistrates and if he lost he would let Wang fight him. Wang accepts the conditions eagerly and as he counts down from rock to paper, Gang immediately plays scissors. With everyone shocked by his actions, Wang asks what the hell he was doing only to see Gang's immovable expression.

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