Wild Dogs (11)
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Season 1
Chapter 69
Korean Title 들개 무리(11화)
English Title Wild Dogs (11)
Korean Release 3rd January, 2017
English Release 25th February, 2018
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Wild Dogs (11): As the two gosu begin their fight below, the lead guard of the Naeseonhyang reveals the history of Sa Paecheon. Noting Ryong had used reflective ki to mitigate his initial blow, Sa Paecheon beckons for him to attack. Seeing no response, Sa Paecheon attacks instead and puts Ryong on the defensive. Quickly realising that Gang Ryong was holding back to prevent getting the old men caught in the crossfire, Sa Paecheon unleashes a merciless attack that eradicates everyone caught in it, infuriating Ryong enough for him to use a Divine Heavenly Destruction technique to counter it...

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