Rock-Paper-Scissors (4)
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Season 1
Chapter 7
Korean Title 가위 바위 보(4)
English Title Rock-Paper-Scissors (4)
Korean Release 20th October, 2015
English Release 23rd July, 2017
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Rock-Paper-Scissors (4): Wang continues to look at Gang's insurmountable expression and realises frightened what a monster Gang really is. Slowly playing paper and thus voluntarily losing, much to his subordinates' shock, Gang contently celebrates his victory before leaving and reminding Wang that a promise is a promise. With the White Skulls unhappy with the result, they flock after Gang in attack whilst Wang, paralysed with fear, fruitlessly tries to warn them from going after him. Seeing a bright flash of light outside, Wang wanders outside and is confronted by Gang's hellishly intimidating aura, which he perceives as a gigantic tiger. With Gang calling him out and telling him to keep his promise to turn himself in, Wang Ahk whites out in sheer terror as Gang leaves.

The next day, the news of the White Skulls capture was discussed by some customers in the tavern. Overhearing them Yerin uses it to prove to Chohyang that Gang hadn't been involved (winning her some coin). Chohyang then asks Gang if he had ever won a game of rock-paper-scissors and Gang replies that he had recently won twice.

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