Wild Dogs (18)
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Season 1
Chapter 76
Korean Title 들개 무리(18화)
English Title Wild Dogs (18)
Korean Release 21st February, 2017
English Release 24th March, 2018
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Wild Dogs (18): The two gosu's techniques clash mightily, but Sa Paecheon bursts through the first stage of Ryong's chained technique with another blast of Berserker Lightning. Overwhelmed by Sa Paecheon's technique, Gang Ryong is sent hurtling into the cliff face.

Sa Paecheon recalls his encounter with the Heavenly Destroyer and wonders why he didn't foresee that his disciple would run into him. Blaming Ryong's demise on the Heavenly Destroyer's apparent arrogance, Sa Paecheon is alerted to Ryong rising from the rubble noting the risks of his chained technique. With Sa Paecheon saying that Ryong's bravado would still lead to his defeat, he launches Berserker Lightning at Ryong again, only to find it disappear without a trace. Flipping Sa Paecheon's words back at him, Gang Ryong gets ready to end the fight as the second stage of his chained technique kicks in.

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