Wild Dogs (19)
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Season 1
Chapter 77
Korean Title 들개 무리(19화)
English Title Wild Dogs (19)
Korean Release 28th February, 2017
English Release 25th March, 2018
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Wild Dogs (19): Amazed with the sheer amount of ki Gang Ryong was exuding, Sa Paecheon resolved that he would destroy the "monster" that the Heavenly Destroyer had created with his strongest technique: Welkin Lightning, Demonic Rings: Firmament Incineration! Sweating profusely from the technique's power, Sa Paecheon looks on in shock that Ryong was still standing after taking the attack head-on and tries again but the technique is nullified by Ryong's Dark Wheel Strike technique. Gang Ryong then ups the ante and uses an advanced Dark Wheel Strike variant which completely swallows up the rest of Sa Paecheon's technique and then entraps Sa Paecheon within an endless void-like space.

Seeing only pitch-black darkness around him, Sa Paecheon then notices Gang Ryong racing towards him and the two clash palms. Ryong then grabs his opponent's remaining arm and spins, readying to strike but Sa Paecheon is quicker, landing a decisive killing blow to Ryong's exposed head with his other arm... only for Sa Paecheon to remember that his other arm had been torn off. At the young gosu's mercy, Gang Ryong strikes Sa Paecheon in the centre of the chest with a Divine Heavenly Destruction technique...

With the observers of the battle wondering what was going on, Ryong's earlier technique begins to dissipate as he stands victorious...

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