Mak Sapyeong (2)
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Chapter Information
Season 2
Chapter 7
Korean Title 2부 7화
English Title [Chapter 2] Ep. 7
Korean Release 22nd August, 2017
English Release 20th May, 2018
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Season 2, Chapter 7: Visiting Woobok's place, Gang Ryong finds it empty with nothing but a mysterious mask hanging there. Encountering Soh Jinhong on his way back to the tavern, the rosy-cheeked swordsman warns Ryong to beware of the masked men before leaving on a journey of his own.

Being sent on a delivery to the temple, Ryong finds the Elder's quarters empty with the same mysterious mask hanging there. Alarmed and remembering both Gyeom and Jinhong's cryptic words, he races back to the tavern to ask where Gyeom had gone. Meanwhile, while out for a walk, Gyeom senses enemies before being alarmed at what was about to occur...

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