Heavenly Destruction Sect

The flag of the Heavenly Destruction Sect

The Heavenly Destruction Sect (파천문破天門; "Pacheonmun") was a powerful sect led by the late Supreme Overlord of the chaotic murim, the Heavenly Destroyer. Many years after his demise at the hands of the Four Heavenly Kings, the Heavenly King Hyeol Bi seeks to revive the sect and conquer the murim once again.



At some point in history, the Heavenly Destroyer and his followers ventured from their base in the south and wrought havoc upon the entire murim, conquering much of the land in three years.[1][2]

It was then that the Heavenly Destroyer suddenly disappeared and the sect's Four Heavenly Kings (사천왕 (四天王), Sacheon-wang) fought amongst themselves to become the sect's new leader. However, they ended up killing each other; without a leader, the followers of the Heavenly Destruction Sect became divided and scattered within a few years.[1]

Former MembersEdit


Heavenly Kings

Other members


Sky Gorge Mountain

The base of the revived sect, Sky Gorge Mountain

The Revived Heavenly Destruction Sect (부활 파천문, Buwhal Pacheonmun) is lead by the Heavenly King Hyeol Bi, assisted by the Heavenly King Hwan Sa. They are based in the Sky Gorge Mountains. Serving directly underneath Hyeol Bi are the Seven Slayers of the Sky Gorge (천곡칠살 (天谷七殺), Cheongogchilsal), a collective of extremely powerful warriors.



Heavenly Kings

Seven Slayers of the Sky Gorge

Other members

Alternate TranslationsEdit

  • Pacheon Clan (LINE)
  • Re-established Pacheon Clan (LINE)
  • Resurrected Pacheon Clan (LINE)

Notes & TriviaEdit

  • During the sect's first terrorism of the murim, many neutral factions joined their ranks instead of fighting against them.[2]


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