Martial arts dominates the Yongbi the Invincible and Yongbi the Invincible - A Side Story world with many gosu (고수, gosu), of all levels of power, using different styles. While outer ki and inner ki both exist, inner ki is a major part of a martial artist's strength. For example, a high-level gosu like Yongbi was able to destroy actual weaponry with a pair of swim shorts imbued with his inner ki.[1]

Known Martial ArtsEdit

Black Lancer TechniquesEdit

User(s): Jeok Seong, Yongbi

The Black Lancer Techniques are a set of spear techniques utilised by the legendary Black Lancers cavalry. It is possible to use the spear techniques with a sword but at a reduced effectiveness.[2]

Cauldron Pulverizing Staff TechniqueEdit

User(s): Gwan

The Cauldron Pulverizing Staff Technique (쇄정곤법(碎鼎棍法)) is a staff-based martial arts technique used by Gwan, 5th disciple of the Cheonwoong Faction.

Demonic TechniquesEdit

User(s): Cruel Moon Archdemon

The Demonic Techniques (마공(魔功)) are an incredibly diverse and powerful set of martial art techniques seen to be used by Cruel Moon Archdemon. The Incorporeal Demonic Techniques are capable of producing incorporeal Ki that is as destructive as a real weapon,[3] and wounds inflicted by the Demonic Technique would decay immediately, causing extreme pain.[4] In addition, the Demonic Technique's poison distorts the victim's meridians.[5]

Drunken Fist StyleEdit

User(s): Hyeon Jae-Yang

The Drunken Fist Style was a unique martial arts style used by Hyeon Jae-Yang. It has been passed down to a young lady who unfortunately cannot hold her liquor.[6]

Eight Thunderous FansEdit

User(s): Hong Ye-Mong

The Eight Thunderous Fans (풍뢰팔선 (風雷八扇)) are a series of martial arts techniques utilised by Hong Ye-Mong, The Ice Jade Empress of the Fan. The techniques involves the use of her blue bamboo fan.[7]

Grand Death Life TechniqueEdit

User(s): Ilgak

The Grand Death Life Technique is a self protection technique created by Ilgak. The only known technique is the Wa-Shin-Sang-Dam revival technique which Ilgak considers the pinnacle of the Grand Death Life Technique.[8]

Lu Family's Spear StyleEdit

User(s): Grand General, Yongbi

The Lu Family's Spear Style (육가창식) is a powerful and secret martial arts technique of the Grand General's command.[9]

Meteor Sword Formation StyleEdit

User(s): Oh Jamu

The Meteor Sword Formation Style is a unique sword style invented and utilised by sword master Oh Jamu.

Phantasmal Transformation ArtEdit

User(s): Chu Gaho

The Phantasmal Transformation Art (귀문둔갑술(鬼門遁甲術)) was a unique martial arts style used by Chu Gaho.

Seven Step Black Wind FistEdit

User(s): Goo Hwi

The Seven Step Black Wind Fist (칠보흑풍권(七步黑風拳)) is an incredibly powerful martial arts technique used exclusively by Goo Hwi and is considered legendary in the Northern Murim.[10]

Shaolin Martial ArtsEdit

User(s): Ilgak

The Shaolin Martial Arts is a renowned martial arts style with impressive techniques as characters often compare them with other similar, powerful techniques they witness or use.[11][12][13]

  • Evil Subduing Thirteen Palms
  • Shaolin's Adamantine Body: A powerful body reinforcement technique that nullifies external impact with the body's strengthened exterior.[11]
  • Shaolin's Adamantine Palmstrike
  • Shaolin's Grand Deity Arts

Spirit Snake Whip TechniqueEdit

User(s): Sanggwan Chaek

The Spirit Snake Whip Techniques (영사편법(靈蛇鞭法)) are a set of martial arts techniques utilised by The Blue-Hearted Young Master, Sanggwan Chaek.

Storm Apricot Blossom FanEdit

User(s): Hong Ye-Mong

The Storm Apricot Blossom Fan (풍운매화선(風雲梅花扇)) techniques are a series of martial arts techniques utilised by Hong Ye-Mong, The Ice Jade Empress of the Fan. The techniques involves the use of her blue bamboo fan (청죽선(靑竹扇)).[7]

Soul Chasing HandEdit

User(s): Chomu

The Soul Chasing Hand (추혼수(追魂手)) is a fist technique based on joint-twisting. The martial artist using this technique can incapacitate opponents by dislocating and breaking their bones or kill them by twisting their neck.[14]

Unclassified Martial Arts techniquesEdit

These are martial arts techniques that are not specifically mentioned to be linked to any particular martial arts style.

Other AbilitiesEdit

Poison ArtsEdit

There are many deadly toxins that are used in the branch of martial arts known as the Poison Arts:

  • Demonic Techniques: The Demonic techniques involves the use of poison that distorts the victim's meridians and causes their body to decay.[5]

Notes & TriviaEdit

  • A protective ward can be a natural formation or artificially created by a martial artist.[15]
  • Recklessly using ki when a person's meridians are severed will result in ki overload.[16]