Myo Cheong (묘 청, Myo Cheong) is an infamously renowned assassin known for getting the job done.

Appearance & PersonalityEdit

His general appearance is unknown as he covers the entirety of himself with a dark cloak, usually leaving only his hazel coloured eyes visible. However Gang Ryong described him as a burly-looking thug.[1]

Myo Cheong is a very detached and apathetic person, being famous for not letting personal attachments interfere with his work; he able to make allies and then slaughter them without a second thought if he job pertains him to do so.[1]


He is first introduced whilst betraying his current set of allies, slaying them all and telling them it wasn't personal and that he was just doing his job. Myo Cheong is later approached and asked to kill Song Chohyang, which he agrees to do after asking for a little extra pay and after being promised a big bonus if he does it quietly.

In the evening Myo Cheong observes Song Chohyang flirting with her guest and gets nauseous from it. Preparing to kill her with his blow darts, he is intercepted by Ryong who then proceeds to nonchalantly brush aside his attacks much to the assassin's intense surprise. Myo Cheong is then finally put down with a crushing blow to the head and tied up with his own chains to a piece of floating driftwood.

Powers & AbilitiesEdit

Myo Cheong is renowned for his terrifying skills[1] being able to easily take down multiple armed men without much effort. He wields a long metal chain that has a weight on the end and is extremely proficient in its usage, being able to cause great damage with it; he claims his "Thousand Shadow Anchor" (천영추, Cheon-yeongchu) technique can shatter boulders into tiny pieces.[1]

He also uses a small blow dart and is capable of firing them with great accuracy.[1]


  • "Who... who is that lump of lard?"[1]

Notes & TriviaEdit

  • Despite mentioning that killing women leaves a bad taste in his mouth, he is still willing to do so if he's paid a little more.[1]


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