Old Murim Alliance HQ

The headquarters of the Old Murim Alliance

The Old Murim Alliance was a coalition of righteous factions (and some neutral factions) of the murim. The organisation was disbanded after the war against the Asura Blood Sect and a new Murim Alliance was later formed.[1]


Two hundred years prior to the story of Gosu, a butcher named Pung Baek, the Bloody Godly Spear wreaked havoc upon the murim. Enraged by his ruthless and indiscriminate slaughter, gosu from both the righteous and chaotic factions allied together to take him down and punish him for his crimes. However, he annihilated everyone who came for his head and walked away leisurely.[2]

Forty years later, the War of Black and White occurs where an alliance of righteous factions fights against the Asura Blood Sect who are led by the Grand Prelate Dokgo Hyeolhu. This war gives birth to the Murim Alliance of righteous factions.[3]

Fifty years after the War of Black and White, five factions under the Murim Alliance fights and defeats the Blood Snake Sect, seemingly killing their leader Go Hyeop.[4]

Twenty years prior to the events of Yongbi the Invincible, Yul Mog-In discovers the Golden Castle and the Murim Alliance agrees to keep it a secret for the sake of peace.[5]

During the events of Yongbi the Invincible, members of the Asura Blood Sect attacks Geumchenbo, an allied faction of the Murim Alliance, and slaughters Yul Mog-In and his retainers. The Murim Alliance sent Ilgak and their elite agents to the Muhae valley to investigate matters surrounding the Geumchenbo massacre, secure Yul Mugi, locate the Golden Castle, and retrieve the Lightning God's Blue Dragon Sword.[6] After, the Murim High Lord punishes the Cheonwoong Faction with three months probation for their involvement in the events.[7]

Many years later, there was a great war between the Asura Blood Sect from the north and the murim's gosu from the Middle Kingdom. The Murim Alliance of righteous factions formed a grand coalition with the chaotic factions and eventually defeated the Asura Blood Sect in what seemed like a Pyrrhic victory. As such, the Murim Alliance was left in tatters and many survivors of the war abandoned the alliance for various reasons. Later, a number of smaller periphery factions that hadn't participated in the war (in order to protect their own future interests) formed a New Murim Alliance of righteous factions.[1]


The Old Murim Alliance is led by the Murim High Lord, the Enlightened Eminence, who holds absolute authority over the allied factions and even the Divine Lord of Destruction Hyeon Jae-Yang himself. Before his resignation, Ilgak acted as chief investigator who carried the High Lord's edict making him able to exercise authority equal to the Murim High Lord.[8][9] The Murim Alliance employs many elite agents and as a coalition, the members of the various factions are counted among their ranks.

Known MembersEdit

High Lord (Yongbi)
Murim High Lord (Enlightened Eminence)

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Notes & TriviaEdit

  • The Murim Alliance goal's are profit-oriented, making them not so different from the chaotic factions.[10]
  • The Red Bloods are one of the five major factions of the Murim Alliance.[11]