The Rakshasa Demoness (나찰녀 (羅刹女), Nachalnyeo; "Rakshasa Lady") is a strange female entity that holds an interest in Song Yerin.

Appearance & PersonalityEdit

Appearing as a female horned pale-white entity with long flowing white hair, red eyes and blood red lips, the Rakshasa Demoness has a ghostly presence.

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After Yerin's charms that sealed the Rakshasa Demoness were broken, the Rakshasa Demoness was freed. With one of the guards cutting the Yerin's binds, the Rakshasa Demoness creepily thanked him for freeing Yerin. With the guard jumping back in terror, the Rakshasa Demoness then reasoned that he was trying to harm the still unconscious Yerin. With the guard possessed, the Rakshasa Demoness began to creepily sing a lullaby while giggling to the unconscious Yerin.

Sensing Gang Ryong's presence nearby, she irritatedly noted that he had to interrupt her now of all times. Alerted to Yerin regaining consciousness, the Rakshasa Demoness quickly disappeared.

Notes & TriviaEdit

  • The Rakshasa Demoness' history, motivations and ties to Yerin are almost completely unknown as she was not heard of again after Yerin woke up and Gang Ryong arrived.

Alternate TranslationsEdit

  • Rakshasa (LINE)